Top 10 Green Ideas for Home and School

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1. Conserve and restore natural resources.
Collect rain water and learn to compost food scraps from kid’s lunches.

2. Healthier air quality indoors.
Plants in the home or classroom produce oxygen and also remove toxins from the air.

3. Better for the environment
Give kids a green chore of the week — plastic bottle collector, compost collector, paper recyclers.

4. Develop good habits from an early age.
By going green while you are still young it will become natural.

5. Reduce waste sent to landfills.
Did you know that the town of Barrington’s recycle center takes hard plastics and used motor and vegetable oil.
Hard plastics may or may not have the #2 on them examples are plastic watering cans, buckets and crates, laundry baskets, indoor/out door toys such as action figures and big wheels.

6. Plant an organic edible garden.
 Kids will be more willing to eat from there own gardens.

7.  Save money
Shut off the lights during the day and use sunlight and use the clothes washers and dishwashers only when you have a full load.

8. Get away from T.V.
Borrow “How To” books from the library instead of TV.  It’s fun to learn chess, grow an avocado plant, or make paper instead of another episode of cartoon network.

9. Less toxins
Give this dual system a try for disinfecting counter tops, refrigerators, or any other surface that may have bacteria.  Spay distilled white vinegar and then spay 3 percent hydrogen peroxide.  No rinsing necessary.

10.  Do it for your kids
Going green is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your kids for their future.

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