Green Initiative


Donate to the Annual Fund to help raise funds to buy a garden and classroom composts!

The goals of a ‘GREEN SCHOOL’ are to reduce the ecological footprint while making the school environment healthier for the students and staff. We hope to empower our Red Brick students and community with foundational tools to be good global citizens.

Go to Top 10 reasons to be green at home and school.

Our ideas for the year include:

EDUCATE ~ our community about practical ways to start being more green

REDUCE ~ the food waste by teaching students about composting

REUSE ~ rainwater for our student gardens

RECYCLE ~ more paper, plastic, and cans throughout the school

AWARENESS ~ EARTH DAY is April 22nd 2012 ~ green activities for the students and community are being planned


February: Snack Time

Our recommendations are the following:
(1) Use plastic containers/reusable bags/paper bags.
(2) Donate reusable cups.
(3) Buy snacks in bulk instead of individual snack wrapper packs
(4) Compost leftover foods, recycle juice boxes in blue bins.

Please contact Kathy Rywolt (401-246-2342) or if you have any further questions.