Ms. Ellen’s Pre-K’s

Morning Pre-K Typical Daily Schedule

9:00 Arrival routine, Daily Tasks, Calendar, Free-Play
9:30 Circle time
9:45-10:00 Snack, Chat with a Friend, Read a Book, outdoor play
10:00-10:30 Playground Time (During Inclement weather, we will provide gross motor activities for the children indoors)
10:30-11:30 Center Buddy  Rotate through 4-5 activities, includes 2 teacher directed activities

On Thursday Music with Miss Colleen

11:30 Free Choice Play
12:00 Dismissal for half day children; lunch for all day students
12:30  Recess (Monday: Yoga)
1:00 Afternoon Meeting
1:15 Center Buddy Time
2:15 Snack Time
2:30 Free Play
3:00 Dismissal

I believe that learning can happen anywhere at any time. I provide my students with a variety of opportunities to try new things so they can develop skills and express what they have learned each day. I believe in structure and routine, allowing the children to know what and when things will happen. I have developed a literacy based program  to encompass the basic readiness skills required for the preschool learner, involving art, music, literacy, mathematics, science and social studies.

Pre-K learners are fascinating to work with and I feel lucky to be able to do my job at Red Brick School.

Please contact Kathy Rywolt (401-246-2342) or if you have any further questions.