Kindergarten Program

Red Brick provides an outstanding, comprehensive Kindergarten program. The Kindergarten curriculum incorporates and expands the Common Core. We believe that children excel in an environment which fosters independence through organized hands-on activities. We provide opportunities for our students to learn concepts through various instructional methods to educate the whole child and emphasize cooperative learning. On a daily basis, our students are engaged in teacher directed (whole group); student centered (small group or peer to peer) as well individualized (independent or one-to-one) instruction. Our classrooms are organized through centers enabling each child to expand upon their interests as well as develop new areas of learning.

We recognize that each child is an individual and has his or her own learning difference. We are able to provide one to one support and individualized curriculum goals. We focus on each child’s individual strengths and aim to meet their educational and/or social needs. The children feel successful and in turn they become self confident. They enter first grade with strong math and writing skills and a love of reading. This advantage better prepares students to meet or exceed 1st grade expectations.

Every year, we incorporate specific themes into our instruction. Due to our small class size and flexible schedule, we are also able to incorporate other themes specific to the interests of our students. In the past, we have covered themes such as: Early Americans, Famous Authors, Animal Habitats, Fairy Tales, and Outer Space. These themed lessons and activities integrate all subject areas such as: Math, Science, Literacy, Social Studies, Art and Music.

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Please contact Kathy Rywolt (401-246-2342) or if you have any further questions.