Pre-K Curriculum

Character Development

There is a strong emphasis on respect, cooperation, sharing, patience, and being a good friend. Children work on learning to be independent and how to function as a member of a group.

Monthly Themes

Our monthly themes may include “all about me and my family,” seasonal fun, colors and shapes, farm life, holidays, polar animals, zoo, ocean, nature, and shapes.


We use Children’s Literature to support our themes and to learn about the outside world. Children develop skills in writing through the exploration of print in books and in the environment. Our classrooms are print rich environments.


Children are introduced to various types of manipulatives when engaged in math games and activities, one to one correspondence, concepts (up/down, in/out), number recognition from 1 – 10, counting, and shapes. Through games and hands-on experiences children develop ways to solve problems and to think about math in everything they do.


Children in our classes begin handwriting through the use of the developmentally appropriate program Handwriting Without Tears that encompasses tactile wooden pieces, chalkboard and various types of dough.


Red Brick encourages children to be creative, inquisitive and individual thought leaders in all their projects and conversations. We feel that creativity is self-expressive and process oriented. We encourage children to think “out of the box” and to challenge themselves and their peers to generate as many ideas as possible. For example, when asked to tell us, “all the things they can think of that are red,” we hope children will go beyond listing wagons, birds, apples, and barns and mention things like chicken pox and cold hands. Our rich curriculum and teacher directed projects provides many opportunities for children to collaborate with their peers and develop their own style of creativity.


Our music program incorporates the use of both new and familiar songs with movement, finger play and instruments as children develop their sense of rhythm. Each class enjoys a half hour music program with trained Kindermusic teacher, Miss Andrea. In addition, the teachers frequently play and sing songs with the classes.

Physical Health & Development

Children have the opportunity to develop gross and fine motor skills through games and activities that focus on hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. We provide many indoor and outdoor activities that promote active learning. Every day, our students are engaged in at least 30 minutes of active play. We go outside at least once a day – weather permitted. Our playground is an optimal play space for children ages 3 through 6 and offers many opportunities to explore and be physically active.


Children are encouraged to ask questions and form their own ideas about scientific theories. We provide students with the opportunities to investigate and experiment with hands-on projects and get messy! We introduce scientific tools and methods to learn about nature and the physical world around them. Some of the science units covered may include; life cycle of the butterfly, apples, pumpkins, and animals habitats. We believe it is important for children to think critically and form their own ideas in order to gain confidence and develop their own ability to solve problems.

Please contact Kathy Rywolt (401-246-2342) or if you have any further questions.